Annual Lecture 2015

Military Conflicts through Artefacts, Letters, Postcards and Family History

Military Conflicts through Artefacts, Letters, Postcards & Family History

Monday 5 October 2015

An insight into the Napoleonic, Crimean, South African, North West Frontier conflicts and the Great War by Graham Bradbury 


20151005_155259A fascinating glimpse into the lives of servicemen through medals, letters, photographs and other artefacts collected by Graham. As well as curating an interesting collection of military memorabilia, Graham has researched the history of the people behind these objects and in some cases been able to contact their descendants. His work demonstrates how a great deal of information can be gleaned from a single object, as well as some unusual stories. As well as enjoying Graham’s engaging talk, it was a privilege to be able to examine some of his artefacts at first hand.


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