Salopian Recorder No.94

Summer 2019

The Picken collection

Roman Catholics in Shropshire

Who ran the Lunatic Asylum


Salopian Recorder No.93

Winter/Spring 2019

When the Recruiting Officers came to town

Railways in the 1860s

Bishop’s Castle in the First World War


Salopian Recorder No.92

Autumn 2018

Arthur Allwood, Shropshire RHA and KSLI, 1912-1919

Researching Myndtown Church

Shrewsbury at work


Salopian Recorder No.91

Summer 2018

The Rev Edward Williams

Wilfred Owen’s Shrewsbury

English Bridge, Shrewsbury – Part 3


Salopian Recorder No.90

Spring 2018

Thomas Weaver of Shrewsbury – Animal Artist of the Agricultural Revolution

English Bridge, Shrewsbury – Part 2

Walter Hancox of Much Wenlock


Salopian Recorder No.89

Autumn 2017

Newport’s ‘Miss Haversham’ – Fact or fiction

English Bridge, Shrewsbury – Part 1

James Mallinson (1891-1959) – Photographer from Shrewsbury

Family History – A stitch in time


Salopian Recorder No.88

Summer 2017

Life stories from the Poor Law records

Medical insights from Poor Law records

A Digitizer’s Tale

Feature – Andrew Davidson, Conservator


Salopian Recorder No.87

Winter/Spring 2017

Impressions of the Past: medieval seals and historical research

Book review: Braidwood &c

Building Shrewsbury’s Markets


Salopian Recorder No.86

Summer/Autumn 2016

A Provincial Frost Fair and an Ill-fated Stuntman

Researching Transport History

‘A Crow’s Nest’: The significance of Wem during the English Civil War, 1642-1646

Feature: Sara Downs, archivist


Salopian Recorder No.85

Spring/Summer 2016

Wenlock Abbey 1857-1919

Wenlock Borough Minute Book, 1495-1658

Shrewsbury Bridges ‘Broken by the Flow’, 1672

A Shropshire Country Gentleman at the Front


Salopian Recorder No.84

Winter/Spring 2016

The Coalbrookdale Doctors

Annual Lecture: Graham Bradbury ‘Military Conflicts through Artefacts, Letters, Postcards and Family History’

Feature: Samantha Mager, Senior Archivist