Salopian Recorder No.89

Autumn 2017

Newport’s ‘Miss Haversham’ – Fact or fiction

English Bridge, Shrewsbury – Part 1

James Mallinson (1891-1959) – Photographer from Shrewsbury

Family History – A stitch in time


Salopian Recorder No.88

Summer 2017

Life stories from the Poor Law records

Medical insights from Poor Law records

A Digitizer’s Tale

Feature – Andrew Davidson, Conservator


Salopian Recorder No.87

Winter/Spring 2017

Impressions of the Past: medieval seals and historical research

Book review: Braidwood &c

Building Shrewsbury’s Markets


Salopian Recorder No.86

Summer/Autumn 2016

A Provincial Frost Fair and an Ill-fated Stuntman

Researching Transport History

‘A Crow’s Nest’: The significance of Wem during the English Civil War, 1642-1646

Feature: Sara Downs, archivist


Salopian Recorder No.85

Spring/Summer 2016

Wenlock Abbey 1857-1919

Wenlock Borough Minute Book, 1495-1658

Shrewsbury Bridges ‘Broken by the Flow’, 1672

A Shropshire Country Gentleman at the Front


Salopian Recorder No.84

Winter/Spring 2016

The Coalbrookdale Doctors

Annual Lecture: Graham Bradbury ‘Military Conflicts through Artefacts, Letters, Postcards and Family History’

Feature: Samantha Mager, Senior Archivist